Our Pastor, Tim, is an avid (rabid) fan of motorcycles.  As a result, we have the Sunrise Sun Riders, and once a month during good weather, they take a Sunday afternoon and go for a ride.  The group is open to anyone.  Tim rides his Triumph, and everyone else rides what they want.  This month, the group traveled to Martinsdale, Montana, site of the Charles M. Bair Family Museum.  We stopped for lunch on King's Hill, and then visited one of the most interesting and off-the-beaten-path museums in Montana--the home of Charles Bair and his family.  Bair at one time owned more sheep than anyone in North America, and after his passing, his eccentric daughters populated the home with a startling array of antiques and acquisitions.  The swan faucet below is made of gold, and one of the two twin beds is reputed to have been used by Marie Antoinette.  It was a great trip with wonderful company and a fascinating destination.