Quilt made by Sharon Hovey

Photo by Tim Lanham

Sunrise Quilters, May 2008 (from left): Luana Sturtz, Mary Perkins, Sharon Hovey, Gloria Bedker, JoAnne Pomajevich, Mary Kraft, Margaret Enloe, Kathy Schlimgen, Ember Woods, Georgia Wrobetz, Joyce Newman, Jean Paulson, Mary Lou Tucker, Marilu Dougherty, Norma Wimmer.


      In 2007, a Prayer Quilt Ministry was established as an active ministry within Sunrise Presbyterian Church and is administered through the Deacons.

This ministry is extended to members and those beyond the immediate Sunrise family as concerns are made known to the Deacons. The prayer quilts are given to fill a need, to provide comfort, or to give someone a blessing.
As knots are tied in the lap sized quilts, a silent prayer is said by individual church participants for the comfort and healing of the recipient. The quilt are designed and made by volunteers in an attitude of prayer and gratitude.
This ministry can be supported by your prayers and personal or memorial donations.
Your unfailing love comforts me. Show me ways to share Your love with those who need to be consoled.
Psalm 119.76