Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch





We are a very happy group!   Some of us bring our own lunch and usually there are homemade goodies to share.   No one can ask a foolish question.   To learn more about the Bible. Especially for me as I had very little Bible study in my early years.   Learning is easy in this informal group.  

Lunch bunch is a gathering for whoever wants to learn more about the Bible.  Pastor Tim leads this bunch, where he tears down the scripture starting with a book from the Bible, to a chapter, to the verse and sometimes right down to a word in the sentence.  Everyone shares, everyone brings lunch.  Come join us… — Linda B.


Lunch Bunch is very informative.  Tim is an excellent teacher.  I have been a member for many years.  I love the discussions we have.  So many things I have been confused about the Old Testament Tim has clarified.  The members are an outstanding group who I consider dear friends. — Mary K.


Lunch Bunch is a Bible Study that is really interesting and most important is how much we learn from Tim’s teaching.  We choose what book we want to study from the Bible each year and really dig into it.  The fellowship between us is wonderful.  We bring our lunch and many times share goodies with everyone.  We also share our beliefs and concerns.  We offer our prayers to those that are suffering or that are in need in our church.  We invite those who want to learn about the Bible to come join us.  — Joyce N.



Our lunch bunch is a friendly, joyful, inquisitive group which enjoys the study of God’s Word.  We ask questions about things we’ve not understood, and we learn the answers together.  I had never studied the books of the Old Testament, so I have questions and with input from everyone helping us understand the message, we find answer and understanding.  You never feel like a dummy.  Many volunteer to read or lead in prayer.  You don’t have to, but it won’t be long until you join right in.  Our leader, Tim, really explains and helps us find our answers.  The Bible comes alive under his guidance.  I am never ready for the hour to end; we always feel full of love, hope and expanding knowledge.  Our faith grows stringers and we thank God for His words. — Lois J.